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Virginia Beach Siding is the reliable provider for all siding services

Here at Virginia Beach Siding we understand just how important your home is to you and your loved ones. The work that we do can add value to your home as well as enhance its aesthetic appeal, giving you a low-maintenance exterior. We are committed to providing the best service in this business, ensuring that our products, skills, customer service and attitudes are of the finest quality.

Virginia Beach Siding is formed from a team of experts in both sidings and exteriors. We specialize in installing the James Hardie fiber cement, vinyl siding, aluminum and a range of wood paneling including cedar. We take care of the siding process from start to finish and our dedicated craftsmen can work on residential and commercial properties throughout the Virginia Beach area. If you are considering installation of a beautiful siding on your home, or you need to replace the existing siding currently on an older property, we are sure to have exactly what you need. When you come to Virginia Beach Siding you will find that we have a whole range of options that will fit with all your requirements, from color to budget.

Virginia Beach Siding is a leading name in the installation and replacement of residential siding in the Virginia Beach area.

We can help clients throughout the region including the following locations:


Virginia Beach Siding is one of the most in-demand installers in (state), thanks to our solid reputation for excellence on every project we complete. We are dedicated to providing a quality service in every aspect of the job from the smallest of repairs to the installation of siding and paneling on a new home. Once you have seen what we can do, we are sure to be your first point of call for any siding installation or renovation.

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Our testimonials

"Amazing work, contractors and materials"

Siding in Virginia Beach completed the replacement of our existing siding and we were able to speak directly to the owner of the company. He gave us a lot of useful information in helping us to choose the right materials for our home. He was patient while we figured out what we wanted but ordered the materials as soon as we confirmed. The very next day work started on our home to prepare for the new siding and the team were always on hand to answer any questions we had.

Adam C

"Reliable and knowledgeable contractors"

Hiring Siding in Virginia Beach was one of the best decisions I have made. The knowledgeable contractors were able to explain all of the different options to me and was very clear about what each would cost. Our budget was not huge for this work so it was decided that the most worn parts of the existing siding would be replaced first and they were happy to continue with this. I really do recommend you and your contractors to everyone.

Emma J

"Thanks for everything Siding in Virginia Beach!"

With the existing siding at more than 35 years old, we desperately need to replace it. We did get a number of quotes from different companies and the best price was from Siding in Virginia Beach, without a doubt. The installation went very smoothly thanks to the clear expertise of all the contractors involved. I am so happy with the finished work I’m recommending you to everyone I know!

Lucas A

"Professional from start to finish!"

Thank goodness we opted for Siding in Virginia Beach for our home renovations. The contractors were very professional every step of the way, communicating clearly with us to make sure we knew every detail of the work that was being carried out on our home. Our house is very close to the neighboring home but this was never a problem. The finished work is amazing and never strayed beyond our budget. Thank you for everything!

Anna D